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What people are saying about us...

"This was a very well run tournament.  The facilities were awesome, the game times great (not too much or too little time between games), and this bracket was very evenly matched.  (Which I know is very difficult to do!)" - Karen B. (FCE Turf Cup Girls)

"I wanted to thank you and the staff for a great tournament. With the GotSport outage, I cannot imagine the behind the scenes work you and the entire S3 and FC Europa teams were doing for contingencies in case the issue became critical for the execution of all your Turf Cup tournaments." - Phil D; Cinnaminson SC.

"This event was very well run and the referees were great. We are htankful we were able to attend the FC Europa Turf Cup" - Ben; Rebels U12 Girls Coach. 

"Such a great tournament!  All of our games ran smoothly and when we had a player injured the Trainer arrived on the scene quickly." - Sandra A (FCE Turf Cup Girls)

"Sideline Soccer Solutions' tournaments are always well run at the best facilities.  The games run on time, the time between games is perfect, and the communication is on point." - Marie Bach (FCE Turf Cup)