Become a Referee - Help Better the Game

As the game of soccer continues to grow in popularity, the level of coaching education and player development is improving at a fast rate.  With this demand, the supply of officials is not keeping up and in many cases it decreasing in volume.  In order for all of us to manage the higer demand of growth in the game, we have identified referee development as a problem.  Sideline Soccer SOLUTIONS wants to be a part of solving the problem.

Do you want to become a U.S. Soccer Referee?  

1. Click Here to get started and Create your EPSARC account in Officials Management System (OMS) and follow the steps.

2. Complete the registration and the online lessons.

3. Upon completion, you will then select a Field Session Clinic.  Available Field Sessions
* Sideline Soccer Solutions is hosting field session in May (7th)!

4. Background Clearances MUST be completed.  EVERYONE must complete the two PA State Clearances, In addition, Minors must complete the Affidavit of Compliance while 18 and older must complete the FBI fingerprint clearance 

Already a soccer referee and looking for games to officiate?  CLICK HERE for the local assignors.

Eastern Pennsylvania Soccer Association Referee Committee FAQs