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The APL PAGS will be offering the Senior Age Group (U15-U19) teams this year.  As in years past, there are plenty of alternative options but we feel as though we can provide the quality experience necessary and be flexible to each individual teams' needs.

APL PAGS Senior League (Full Season)

The APL Senior League is also a state cup qualifying league for U15-19 boys and girls teams beginning in late November (following High School Season) and will commence in June of 2022.  Ideally, teams will play 1 or 2 matches prior to the winter break from December to January then resume play in February / March.  This league will have teams from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland.  It will offer a minimum of seven (7) games and no playoffs.  Registration fee is $675.00 per team.  Teams will have home and away matches and the flexibility to schedule their home matches.

To register for the APL PAGS Senior League, CLICK HERE.  Deadline to register for the Senior League is September 15, 2021.

GotSport Instructions to Register for APL PAGS.

CLICK HERE for the APL PAGS Senior League applied teams list.

Additionally, check out the PRCL with more teams playing under US Club.

If you have any questions, please contact Joe Levan.